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What are the best 18650 batteries? | Fogstar

What are the best 18650 batteries?

It’s no secret that 18650 batteries are one of our main product ranges here at Fogstar, with us stocking 12 different models from a number of manufacturers.

These highly versatile products can be used across a range of products including flashlights, power tools, cameras and, in some instances, vaping devices. It’s no wonder our range includes some of the best 18650 batteries on the market, as they’re quite the all-rounder!

We’ve put our heads together at Fogstar to provide you with the definitive answer to that frequently asked question; what are the best 18650 batteries? 

Whilst it’s not quite a lavish awards ceremony, it is a recognition of some truly quality products available out there on the market. We selected nominees for five categories, each curated with care by our expert team. They are:

  • Best All-Rounder 18650 Battery
  • Highest Capacity 18650 Battery
  • Best Selling 18650 Battery
  • Best Value 18650 Battery
  • Best Torch 18650 Battery.

Best All-Rounder 18650 Battery - Molicel P26A

Voted by Mooch as the best-all round battery, the Molicel P26A is packed with quality. Its high amp rating at 2600 mAh (2.6 Ah) makes it an easy recommendation and a safe bet for most people.

A great performer, the cells are known for consistently high performance and are often deemed a great choice for moderate to high power devices.

Furthermore, not all 18650 batteries are approved for vaping devices; however, Molicel does approve these cells for such use.

Highest Capacity 18650 Battery - Panasonic NCR18650G

Securing the vote for the highest capacity battery is the Panasonic NCR18650G. Offering an astounding 3600 mAh, it has the highest capacity of any 18650 battery.

Furthermore, this model offers great consistency throughout its life cycle.

(Note: These cells are difficult to acquire due to the current demand, whilst we are always trying to source these, a close second high capacity cell is the Molicel M35A)

Best-Selling 18650 Battery - Molicel P26A

It’s done the double! A historic victory for the Molicel P26A, who also sweeps up the title of our best-selling 18650 battery. It’s no coincidence that the best all-rounder has also taken the title of best-selling 18650 battery. Reliable, high-performing and great quality, the Molicel P26A leads the way.

In fact, it’s very much the same theme for our 21700 range (which we’ll post more details on very soon). Our best-selling 21700 battery is the Molicel P42A, which is also the best all-rounder for that category too.

Best Value Battery - Samsung 25R

By far one of the most popular 18650 batteries on the market since its release in 2014, the Samsung 25R offers the best value for performance versus price. Reliable, stable and a consistent performer, one of its great strengths is in its versatility, being used in various applications including flashlights and power tools. Please note, that they are not approved or suitable for use in e-cigarettes or vaping devices.

For its price, performance and versatility, the Samsung 25R gets the vote as Fogstar’s best value 18650 battery.

Best Torch Battery - Sanyo GA 3500 mAh

In its distinctive red finish, the Sanyo GA3500mAh is a high-capacity, robust battery ideal for high-powered torch and flashlight applications. It has one of the highest amp ratings amongst our button-top protected cells at 3500mAh, coming complete with overcharge protection.

One of the most popular choices for a range of devices, it has a medium to high discharge capability, delivering up to 10 amps of constant discharge without any major impact on the cell.

For its performance, versatility and aesthetic appearance, the Sanyo GA3500mAh gets the win!

Summary of our best 18650 batteries...

So there you go, Fogstar’s definitive guide to its best 18650 batteries of 2020. We’re proud to stock high-quality products from some truly world-class manufacturers, so it’s testament to these models that they’ve been selected as the best 18650 batteries. The crème de la crème.

To recap, the best 18650 batteries by category are:

1. Best All-Rounder 18650 Battery - Molicel P26A
2. Highest Capacity 18650 Battery - Panasonic NCR18650G
3. Best-Selling 18650 Battery - Molicel P26A
4. Best Value Battery - Samsung 25R
5. Best Torch Battery - Sanyo GA 3500 mA

We hope you found this useful!

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