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The UK’s #1 18650 Battery Retailer

Fogstar is the UK’s leading battery retailer, providing high-quality, affordable batteries across multiple applications. Our diverse portfolio includes a range of batteries such as the 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650 models; all of which are fully compliant inline with UK and EU directives.

We’re proud to provide the latest, most advanced products, whether it’s the batteries themselves, high-tech chargers or innovative, stylish wraps to complement your style. We recognize the fast-paced demands of the modern world, therefore we’ve developed a reputation for quick delivery and quality customer service - wherever you are in the world. If you need any advice, our team of experts can give you guidance.

We care about the quality and safety of our products; that’s why we innovated inline with EU standards to provide you with clearly marked batteries tested to the highest specifications. Whether you’re looking to buy an 18650 battery, the latest battery charger or just a simple battery case, we’ve got a wide range of products for you.

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    Billions of people around the world use batteries for many different reasons. You’ll find them lurking in your phone, camera and everyday gadgets and if not stored correctly can cause problems to yourself and the environment. Here are a few top tips to safely store your batteries...
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