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We are fully operational and sending orders as normal. You may experience slight delivery delays due to the strain placed on couriers during lockdown. Due to international battery shortages, there has been a rise in the amount of fake batteries entering the UK market. Please be vigilant.
We are fully operational and sending orders as normal. You may experience slight delivery delays.
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International Battery Shortage

There is currently a severe international battery shortage and reserve stocks have been depleted. Most manufacturers have had to cease production of their cells due to Coronavirus. Due to our exclusive supply contract with Molicel/NPE – we are priority, and thus our supply of Molicel remains unaffected. We have also seen footage of several Chinese factories on fire, as they rush to create fake/rewrapped batteries due to the current demand. We've also seen evidence of several large 're-wrapping' companies ordering Samsung 'top caps' to be placed on top of cheaper Chinese batteries. Please remain vigilant. Molicel/NPE are supporting us through this shortage, let's support them.

Welcome to Fogstar

Fogstar is the UK’s leading battery retailer, providing high-quality, affordable batteries across multiple applications. Our diverse portfolio includes a range of batteries such as the 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650 models; all of which are fully compliant inline with UK and EU directives.

We’re proud to provide the latest, most advanced products, whether it’s the batteries themselves, high-tech chargers or innovative, stylish wraps to complement your style. We recognise the fast-paced demands of the modern world, therefore we’ve developed a reputation for quick delivery and quality customer service - wherever you are in the world. If you need any advice, our team of experts can give you guidance.

We care about the quality and safety of our products; that’s why we innovated inline with EU standards to provide you with clearly marked batteries tested to the highest specifications. Whether you’re looking to buy 18650 batteries, the latest battery charger or just a simple battery case, we’ve got a wide range of products for you.

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