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Eve Lifepo4 280Ah Prismatic Cell


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The LF280K Eve prismatic cell replaced the EVE LF280N. This new model is capable of 6000 cycles. The cost of these cells per Ah is considerably lower than Lithium-Ion equivalents and therefore they make great off grid solar batteries, campervan batteries and generally renowned for being the best DIY battery for energy storage applications. These cells require connecting together with the included bus bars and screws. These are not simply a swap in solution for current 12V setups, Please be familiar with these cells before ordering, as they can be dangerous if shorted.

We purchase these cells direct from EVE, They are true grade A (They have a QC certification from Eve to state that the voltages, capacity and sizes etc are all matched). There are many sellers both in Europe and China selling salvaged or scrap batteries and they are often branded as grade A, grade A- or by using other such terms. Cells that need to be balanced or capacity tested are not grade A and could have a number of issues and will likely fail in the future.

Our connectors are designed and installed by Eve (not a third party). This connector is capable of handling the current and are far safer and perform better than studs or 3rd party connectors.

Busbars and screws are included

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  • Manufacturer: EVE
  • Model: LF280K
  • Size: 72mm x 200mm x 172.5mm
  • Capacity: 280Ah (28,000mAh)
  • Weight: 5.35KG
  • Maximum Discharge: 280A (1C)
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
  • Cycle Life : 6000 cycles @ 0.5C
  • Top: EVE connector, bus bars and screws included.
  • Protection: None

Supporting documents are available upon request (UN38.3, Specification Reports & MSDS)

Lithium-Ion batteries should never be kept loose in your pocket or purse. Always use the case provided.

  • Lithium-Ion cells should be charged on a dedicated charger rated specifically for Lithium-Ion cells. Our selection can be found here.
  • Never leave a battery unattended whilst charging. 
  • Keep away from animals and children.
  • Wraps and insulators should be periodically inspected for tears or damage. If a battery has a damaged wrap, it should be repaired or disposed of immediately. Wraps and insulators can be found here
  • If you are re-selling these cells, it is your duty to pass these warnings onto your customers.
  • Batteries usually have a cycle life of between 200-500 cycles (varies with manufacturer) before noticeable capacity drop off. Batteries should be recycled at this time.
  • Do not crush, incinerate or modify.
  • Only use within manufacturers specification.

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