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Why we love the Molicel P28A…

Why we love the Molicel P28A…

They’ve been described by industry chieftain Mooch as a great performing cell”, they've also been described as “the best 18650 battery available bar none”, and “simply the best 18650 battery I've ever used” by Fogstar customers.

If you’ve never used a P28A cell before, the question remains - why not?

We’ve certainly sold a lot of batteries over the last six years, and at one point we were pretty sure there would be no viable comparison on the market to the Samsung 25R or Sony VTC5A - then we met the Molicel P28A. 

There was once a time these batteries were so rare, so precious, they were put on a limited production run. That was, until Molicel discovered just how popular the cells were proving to be with vape enthusiasts, airsoft teams, battery-pack assemblers, e-bike owners…the list goes on!

Before we begin, a reminder that Molicel cells are specifically approved for vaping (unlike many of the other brands we sell here at Fogstar). Therefore, you can purchase a Molicel P28A safe in the knowledge it is perfectly fine to use in your mod. 

Anyway, back to the P28A…

There is a reason these cylindrical marvels have found themselves at the top of everyone's shopping basket. They pack a huge 2800mAh capacity and 25A continuous discharge rate, ideal if you’re looking for long lasting battery life; superb for high wattage vaping and sub-ohm kits. 

Many customers will draw comparisons between the P26A and the P28A, however if you look closely you’ll notice the P28A has 200mAh more capacity overall; what does this mean for you? 

It simply means you’ll get more use out of your electronics. They’ll run for longer! In fact one of our customers was quoted saying “The P26A's are fine but the P28's have more oomph and last longer.” - and yes, the Fogstar team absolutely agrees. 

Let's talk about the cost...

One thing that may be putting you off trying the Molicel P28A cells is the cost, and yes, we admit they are a little more expensive than other 18650 batteries. This is mainly due to their immense capacity. One thing you can do is make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list for regular offers such as Fogstar Friday (scroll down to the footer to sign-up!), you’ll be sure to get a steal on them!

If you’re looking for the perfect all-round 18650 battery, capable of handling high-wattage vaping, with a long lasting battery life - the P28A fits the bill perfectly. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to give your electronics a little extra life. 

Ready to check out the P28A? Let's go!

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