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Regulated Mod Amp Calculator

You can use the following tool to find out how many amps you will be drawing from each cell ​on a regulated device. Based on the result - battery recommendations will be displayed that areable to provide the correct discharge current. This is for regulated devices only - and will not work for mechanical devices (For mechanical devices, please use an Ohms Law calculator). If you can change the wattage of your device - It is regulated.

Battery Size
Enter the battery size your device takes - 18650, 26650, 20700 or 21700.
Number of Batteries
Enter the number of batteries that your device uses
Maximum Wattage
Enter the maximum amount of Watts that you will use your device at. This does not necessarily have to be the maximum wattage of the device you are using - but needs to be the maximum you will ever use.
Mod efficiency (percentage):
Enter you mod efficiency. Usually this is around 90% and does not need to be changed. If you are unsure, please leave this box as 90%.

Cells that can safely deliver your amp ratings are listed below.