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What are battery wraps for? | Fogstar

What are battery wraps for?

We’re rather proud of our diverse range of PVC battery wraps; the Owl, Shengen and SugarSkull designs are rather slick if we may say so ourselves.

Okay, so your ever-reliable 18650 battery has suddenly taken on a fresh, cute and cuddly look with one of our eye-catching designs (we don’t actually recommend cuddling them) but, what are battery wraps actually for?

Let’s take a look...

What is a battery wrap?

Simply put, a battery wrap is a protective PVC sleeve that slots over the top of the battery and, when heated, shrinks to encase it. Typically, battery wraps should be long enough to reach over the top and bottom end of the battery by approximately 3mm. Once the wrap has shrinked, the only parts of the battery that should remain clearly visible are the negative end (the bottom) and the positive end (the top).

What does a battery wrap do?

As cool and aesthetic as ours are, battery wraps aren’t used solely for keeping up appearances. They’re really there for safety reasons. High-quality battery wraps protect the battery’s metal case from any external contact that could compromise it’s performance. If this were to happen, it could short circuit and become extremely dangerous - potentially to the point where it could even catch fire or explode. This could cause serious injury to the user.

So what signs of damage should you look out for? Keep an eye out for any fraying on the battery wrap or any tears and rips. If you find any of these have occurred and the metal casing is exposed, do the safe thing and re-wrap the battery.

One thing to mention; no matter how attached you are to your existing wrap, you can’t wrap over it if it’s damaged and needs replacing. It’ll simply become too thick to fit into any compatible devices - it needs to be fitted and removed easily. Therefore, make sure you completely remove the damaged wrap before replacing it with a brand new one. Also, there’s no limit to how many times you can rewrap a battery. Just make sure both are in safe, good working condition.

Why should you rewrap a battery?

There’s multiple reasons you’d want to rewrap your battery. First and foremost, if the existing battery wrap is damaged. As we’ve mentioned, you don’t want the metal case to be exposed. If it is used in a device in this condition, it can be extremely dangerous and liable to catch fire and explode. Let’s avoid this.

Furthermore, it’s also kinder to your wallet and the environment to rewrap your loyal old battery than replace it with a brand new one. As long as your existing battery is safe and performing well, why wouldn’t you bring it back to life with a battery wrap featuring an ace design?

We’ve all got a pair of batteries that we always use together for various devices. In fact, we recommend using the same batteries to power your device and always together. This way, you can ensure that both cells receive the same number of charges. It also delays any disparity in capacity and performance. Twinning a pair of batteries in identical wraps is a great way to differentiate and identify your married batteries easily.

Protect your Batteries

There you go, now you know what battery wraps are for. They play an essential role in protecting the battery and, combined with the tips we’ve discussed here on how to keep batteries safe, can prolong its lifetime. It just so happens that we’ve made ours stylish, as well as functional.

Fogstar started developing our own wraps over four years ago for our own branded cells. We required wraps that were thick enough to protect, but thin enough to fit in all types of devices. Most come with an ugly protruding seam, which can get caught in devices and potentially be hazardous.

Working closely with a PET printing factory, we finally developed what we believe to be the best wraps in the industry. Completely seamless wraps, thin enough to fit, but thick enough to protect - all covered by our fitment guarantee. If these don't fit in your device, we'll refund you for the total cost.

Check out our range of industry-leading battery wraps here and get yours today!

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