Fake Nitecore circulating the UK - We will trade.

Fake Nitecore circulating the UK

As many of you may aware, a retailer that will be left unnamed - has been suspected of selling fake Nitecore i4 chargers. These chargers may cause a serious risk to you or your property. The main risk (among many) , being an un-fused plug that does not meet EU regulations. 

To help eradicate these chargers that are surfacing around the community - we are offering a trade. We will swap your fake Nitecore charger with an Xtar equivalent (VC4) for the cost of postage. Terms and conditions will apply - to stop any potential abuse of this trade.

  1. UK Customer only.
  2. Charger must be less than 60 days old.
  3. A receipt from a UK vendor must be presented.
  4. You must have a reasonable amount of doubt that your charger is not genuine.

Please email ben@fogstar.co.uk to initiate this trade. Upon receipt of your charger - a personal code will be presented to you for the value of a VC4 from our website. 

I know many people may not be able to tell the fakes from the genuine articles and this is something I am currently working on - The easiest way to tell is to check your authenticity code found on your Nitecore packaging against the online authentication website found here http://charger.nitecore.com/validation/ 

For those without the original packaging, please refer to this article (for now) featured on an enthusiast forum of differences http://budgetlightforum.com/node/44203

I'd also like to thank everyone for the messages of support.

- Ben, MD.


  • Jordan Hinkler

    I’ve just had a lucky escape was going to buy from that company until I found out so cancelled it and bought from you keep it up top lad for what you doing

  • Ringbuzby@clara.co.uk

    Well done Ben
    If every seller was as responsible as you the place would be a better one. The offer is even more generous as you aren’t the problem. Cheers Jon

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