IJOY20700 - Change of cell?

IJOY 20700 - Change of cell?

Images showing the a new IJOY 'top cap' have emerged - Which means IJOY have most likely changed the cell beneath the wrap. The original top cap had a 5 pronged top cap, and the new cell shows a 4 pronged top cap. No news from Mooch yet if there is a change of performance, but we are sure he's on it - Link to Mooches Facebook is here

Changing the cell without notifying customers is a dangerous game, especially if the performance isn't as good as the previous version - If you want your customers to trust you, this is probably not the way to go about it. To my knowledge, no printed alterations have been made to the new cell, and IJOY are still rolling with the 40A/3000mAh specifications.

We placed an order last week and have received a shipping number, but no confirmation to what top cap we are getting - and if the performance is the same. So it's very likely many retailers are still unaware. 

We won't be selling the IJOY that arrive here with the new top cap, until they have been tested by Mooch and we can notify people of the changes (If any). If you are looking to buy the IJOY20700 from elsewhere - make sure you ask if the top cap is the 5 pronged before buying, at least until we see some results from the new cell.


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