Official statement from IJOY regarding their 20700.

IJOY's official statement about thier 20700

Important Announcement

This is a message for our consumers to understand in regards to the production and changes we are making to our batteries.

First of all, very grateful to mooch for testing our products, as well as thumb up to the performance of the IJOY 20700 battery. The recent 20700 battery indeed exist in two versions, one is the sold separately version, one is the free included in kit version.

Since the start of 2016’ IJOY has spent a lot of effort developing the 20700 batteries for the next generation of vaping products. The 18650 has been the dominate industry standard of battery for almost 3 consecutive years. We took it upon ourselves to aim for a better battery and standards for the industry. Our aim was a success, able to meet the industry standards and have a great acceptance in the vaping community. We provided the community with over half a million 20700 batteries at below cost and have since not been able to keep up with production due to demand.

Also we have experienced a flux in battery material costs and are now unable to keep the price from fluctuating with the battery cost as well. The issue was providing the market with a battery that was still affordable and just as reliable. The 20700 batteries we were providing in our product kits have had a type of 5 leg top contact which we are no longer providing in our product kits, but will be sold separately. While we still want to provide our customers with our batteries in our kits we have made a economical standard 4leg top contact instead, which is just as stable and reliable. These batteries will be provided to our customers inside the kits for free. There are now two different types of batteries that we are now providing to you as our consumers. The differences will be the label and the leg top contacts. Please rest assure that these batteries are our own and are still as stable as our originals. As you all know the Vaping industry is extremely fast paced and our goal is to make a more stable and successful vaping experience. We were unable to make the different wraps in time and our 4 leg batteries were wrapped with the original wraps.

We humbly apologize for any confusion there might have been during this time.
Please accept our apologies on behalf of all of us here at IJOY, we hope you understand, to our fans and vaping community, thank you for your continued support.

There is still no word as of yet on the performance of the new cell included with this kits - but it seems, for now - buying the cells separately is the best bet.

- Ben, MD.

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  • Paul Gibb

    I got the ijoy captain x3 with batteries Included, when fully charged, they last about 5 hours. That’s vaping at 45 watts.
    My 18650 batteries last longer. 2500 mah & 3000 mah.
    I thought they would last alot longer than they do.

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