IJOY - Just Business?

IJOY 20700 - Just Business?

The first 20700 cells to be released earlier this year were from the Japanese company Sanyo (Panasonic). The 20700B and the 20700A. The 20700A proved the most popular and what ensued was demand for a cell I had never experienced before. In a matter of a week, the Sanyo A vanished, Everyone wanted it, and nobody could get it. Still to this day there are no reliable sources that stock the 20700A and we don't expect there to be for a good few months yet. 

In the peak of everyone's search, IJOY released a 20700 which seemed to have the same specifications as the 20700A - and people presumed (us included) that IJOY had a secret stash of the Sanyo 20700A they had obtained before it vanished. This is exactly what IJOY wanted us to think.

IJOY cleverly - but well, kinda dishonestly went to the lengths of printing 'Cell from Japan' on their PVC wrap.  Why was this? To send everyone in the wrong direction and protect the true source? or trick people into thinking this cell was really a Sanyo 20700A? Or both?

Granted, the top cap is completely different on the IJOY20700 to a Sanyo top cap - but by this point, people were heavily invested - it was still only the 'decent' performing 20700 on the market. Since then, Efest and Ebat have followed, the Efest being more expensive, and the Ebat being slightly cheaper but both using the same cell as IJOY.

So what is the IJOY underneath?  I'm 99% sure this cell is Taiwanese - I'm not allowed to say who at the moment, but you've probably never heard of them either. 

Managing Director, Fogstar.

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