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Battery Compliance - What you need to know, and how we're going to use it to help the industry.

battery compliance,

how we're using it to help the industry.

Earlier on in the year, Fogstar held talks with people 'in the know' - to finally get to the bottom of the the battery directive and what would be required from us going forward. This is EU law, but we were hindered by the translation into UK law and the vagueness of what was required. - and it now clear the steps we have to take to comply. 

Batteries need to be printed (not stickered) with certain information in order to be compliant. Whilst some retailers may have opted for manufacturer ratings (ratings that are only achievable by using a group of cells and/or with cooling) we opted to use Mooch ratings. Ratings that are achievable with a standalone cell.

The 2nd line, is the optimum voltage, the chemistry and an EXO number (More on that later). 

The 3rd line offers what the government requires in terms of trace-ability. If something goes wrong (which we hope never will) How do you find the rest of the cells in that batch, and make sure they won't go wrong too? 

The WEEE Symbol is probably the most important, this is required to notify users that these products can not be discarded in normal bins, to prevent them going into landfill.

exocell - coming soon

Printing on cells presented us with an opportunity. An opportunity to offer cell info, and batch tests - live. This is the first time in the world this have ever been attempted, and we think its pretty cool. This will help protect against fake cells, and will also push other retailers to batch test - if they aren't already. 

How does it work? 

Simply enter the EXO code found on your cell, and you will receive a full batch test of the cell that is in your hand along with important information about that cell. Cool, right?

When will this be ready? We're almost there, we will be rolling this out in  a couple of weeks. 

Thanks to everyone that has supported us, and continues to support us while these changes happen. 


Next article Official statement from IJOY regarding their 20700.


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