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Why choose Molicel 18650 batteries? | Fogstar

Why choose Molicel 18650 batteries?

It doesn’t seem like it was five minutes ago we were writing about the great lithium-ion battery shortage back in November 2020.

What began as a minor pain in the backside for the industry has grown into a massive headache since Covid-19 hit precious metal supply chains around the world, particularly cobalt. Everyone from the world’s biggest manufacturers to distributors and stockists have been affected as companies scramble to get their hands on precious resources to manufacture their products. It hasn’t been an easy few months.

As the shortage continues, reserve stocks around the world have been depleted. With many of the world’s leading manufacturers struggling to meet demand, there has been a rise in black market products to fill the gap. We’ve seen footage online of several factories ablaze after rushing to create fake batteries whilst there’s evidence other firms have been ordering ‘top caps’ from reputable providers and placing them on cheaper, low-quality products. In each case, this is clearly a concerning safety issue for both the employees at the factories and consumers buying these untested batteries. Be vigilant guys.

However, moping and moaning isn’t in our nature here at Fogstar. Ohhhhh no no no. Sleeves have been rolled up and heads put together in order to continue providing our customers with safe, reliable and high-quality 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. One way we can do that? Let’s introduce you to Molicel.

Fogstar are the Molicel/NPE exclusive UK distributor

Okay, so you may recall we discussed Molicel in our blog back in January. You know, they’re that really cool brand doing some pretty innovative stuff with 18650 batteries on VTOL, Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems. Pretty impressive ey? They’ve also been a key player in the lithium-ion battery market since their formation in Canada back in 1977, pouring 44 years of expertise into the production of circa 10 million battery cells every month. Serious figures.

So where are we going with this? Frankly, the team at Fogstar are big fans of the brand and, when we had the opportunity to become the exclusive Molicel/NPE distributor in the United Kingdom, we jumped at the chance. Whilst we’re seeing many of our customers move to Molicel products (and in the majority of cases, staying with them), we recognise that there are still some loyal to their go-to cells. Old habits die hard and full respect to the guys and girls sticking to what they know. That said, with the severe shortage currently on-going and the increased risk of fake batteries being portrayed as the real deal, unless you’re sourcing your batteries from an authorised supplier, it’s not worth the risk. It might be time to try something new - even temporarily.

Thanks to our great relationship with Molicel and NPE, we will always have a continuous supply of 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries coming through. We get our stock direct from the source, meaning you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality, reliable and safe batteries. What’s more, there’s really no differentiation in performance. Both the 18650 Molicel P26A and the Molicel P42A 21700 are proving to be incredibly popular. Struggling to believe us? Just look at the reviews on both pages. We particularly like this one from Josh Denning (shout out to Josh) in February 2021:

“Having used the cheapest ebay fakes, to store bought LG and Samsung batteries, I can say these are the best I have used and will no longer use anything other. Spend a little more on these, they last 3 times as long as fakes, and won't explode :)”

That’s one happy customer. 

So why exactly do we like Molicel?

You can read each of these points in further detail on our previous blog - Molicel: From Vape & Flashlight Batteries to Electric Vehicles & eVTOL’s, but let’s give a brief overview of each anyway.

World-Class Quality

Fogstar always looks to ensure our brand values align with those of any manufacturer we work with. Molicel certainly does so. They also state it quite clearly on their website.

“Our focus is to develop leading ultra-high power, high quality & high reliability cylindrical cells in 21700 and 18650 format.”

That is exactly what we strive to provide our customers. Plus NASA says Molicel’s 18650 battery pack modules are “space-proven” which is pretty cool.

An innovative ethos

Whether you’re looking for batteries for your vape, a flashlight or a garden tool, Molicel’s innovative experts have produced some high-quality products to meet your requirements. Having carried out extensive research and development for over 40 years, their scientists are at the forefront of some exciting industry projects. This includes next-generation sectors set to revolutionise the world in years to come, such as Aerospace, eVTOL and Energy Storage. So it’s fair to say, you can take great confidence in the fact that they know how to make awesome batteries.

Environmental values

Molicel are adhering to strict environmental safety protocols whilst effectively managing their resources and waste. They’re also constantly looking to improve their processes and have launched an employee education programme to encourage workers to have a strong sense of social responsibility. We like that.

Across three of the four Molicel batteries we currently have in stock (18650, 20700 and 21700), there are plenty of reviews covering exactly why you should make their products your next purchase. Listen to what they say. You won’t regret it.

 Molicel batteries available at

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