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Molicel: From Vape & Flashlight Batteries to Electric Vehicles & eVTOL’s | Fogstar

Molicel: From Vape & Flashlight Batteries to Electric Vehicles & eVTOL’s

Molicel is one of the leading names in the world of lithium-ion batteries, producing some of the finest products available on the market.

As the UK’s premier supplier of 18650, 20700 and 21700 li-ion batteries, our team here at Fogstar were never in any doubt that we’d want to work with them. With over 40 years of experience in this field, researching and manufacturing some of the highest quality batteries about, supplying their products was a no-brainer. As it turns out, they’re one of our best-selling brands across multiple applications. Batteries such as the 18650 Molicel P26A and the Molical P42A 21700 are incredibly popular.

So, you may have purchased their products, but how much do you actually know about them?

A bit about Molicel

It’s fair to say, Molicel has decades of expertise to back-up why they’re one of the leading producers of lithium-ion batteries. Their history speaks for itself. Formed in Canada in 1977, their vision was to be the first company in the world to commercialise the rechargeable lithium ion battery. Until that point in time, batteries had been predominantly based on nickel-cadmium, providing customers with a usage life of only two to six months. In comparison, the new lithium technology could potentially offer up to eight to ten years. Such an advance in technology caused a lot of excitement within the industry.

Over the next decade, the company grew leaps and bounds, producing and launching its flagship product: the 1984 Molicel. This 2.2-volt battery was capable of powering laptops and cellphones (remember how big they were back in the 80’s and 90’s!) and helped propel the business during a huge period of growth for the global tech industry. They were firmly established as a key player in the market.

Fast forward 44 years, various advances in technology and a number of mergers and acquisitions, Molicel continues to be at the forefront of battery technology. They currently produce circa 10 million battery cells every month and are innovating in some highly exciting areas.

Why we like them

Okay, so they’ve certainly got a lot of pedigree, but why do the team at Fogstar like them so much? What makes the brand one of the most popular amongst our customers?

World-Class Quality

Well, first of all, we take great pride in being the leading provider of li-ion batteries in the UK. We’ve always believed in the importance of providing our customers with high-quality, safe and reliable batteries that meet their needs and requirements. Frankly, we look to ensure our brand values align with those of any manufacturer we work with. Molicel certainly does so. They also state it quite clearly on their website.

“Our focus is to develop leading ultra-high power, high quality & high reliability cylindrical cells in 21700 and 18650 format.”

That is exactly what we strive to provide our customers. With any electrical item, there will always be inherent risks. That’s why we work with world-class manufacturers such as Molicel to provide high-quality products that mitigate these factors as much as possible. Every product undertakes a stringent testing regime, covering both performance and safety aspects. In order to ensure the batteries excel to the best of their ability, they’re put through their paces in tests covering their discharge capability, cycle life, storage performance and in application-specific scenarios. They’re also subjected to rigorous safety tests covering electrical, mechanical, environmental, projectile and application-specific situations. Not bad ey? Oh, did we mention that NASA says Molicel’s 18650 battery pack modules are “space-proven”? They must be out of this world! (awful pun, couldn’t resist, sorry).

An innovative ethos

Whether you’re looking for batteries for your vape, a flashlight or a garden tool, Molicel’s innovative experts have produced some high-quality products to meet your requirements. Whatsmore, they’re currently working on some very cool applications too. Having carried out extensive research and development for over 40 years, their scientists are at the forefront of some exciting industry projects. They’re constantly striving to produce higher energy density cells that work across a wide range of temperatures and ranges, as well as offering longer cycle life. So where will these make an impact?

Well check this out for some cool areas - Aerospace, Electric Vehicles, eVTOL and Energy Storage Systems. The company is literally working in the next-generation industries set to revolutionise the world in years to come. Their Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will be a new addition to solar farms, wind farms and EV charging infrastructure around the world, positioning the company at the forefront of environmentally green power. How cool is that? So it’s fair to say, you can take great confidence in the fact that they know how to make awesome batteries.

Environmental values

As the popularity of the lithium-ion battery continues to excel in our search for more renewable forms of power, the industry must also adopt stricter environmental policies. It’s something we’re passionate about here at Fogstar and we want to continue to promote behaviours and practices that help the environment - not harm it. Molicel also share these values, adhering to strict environmental safety protocols whilst effectively managing their resources and waste. They’re also constantly looking to improve their processes and have launched an employee education programme to encourage workers to have a strong sense of social responsibility.

One thing is certain, Molicel are one of the leading providers in the battery market and have the pedigree to prove it. Fogstar are proud to be an authorised UK distributor of their products and receive our products directly from their manufacturing facilities.

No matter what the application you’re purchasing 18650 or 21700 batteries for, you can rest assured with confidence that Molicel creates top-quality products that will meet your requirements. Enjoy!

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