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Seplos 48V 200A LiFePO4 BMS (V3.0)


The V3.0 Seplos 48V 200A LiFePO4 BMS provides a robust battery management tool designed for 16S cell battery packs.

This BMS contain a vast range of protective features to ensure the battery pack operates within safe operating limits, recognises fault conditions, and takes appropriate action to prevent damage to the battery and connected equipment.

Utilising CANBUS and RS485 inputs, heating function, Bluetooth, screen and communication port. It can be programmed to communicate with inverters, chargers or loads, to optimise its performance and protect the battery pack from overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, and overheating.

Please note; this is the Type B Seplos V3.0 LiFePO4 BMS.

Seplos 2A Active Balancer
The V3.0 Seplos BMS also comes with optional Active Balancer. Seplos Active Balancer Board. This can only be used with the compatible Seplos BMS V3.0 - it will not work with previous versions.

The board gets energy from the battery pack, and 3 circuits can be activated at the same time. Each circuit offers a 2A balance current. 

BMS Monitoring Features
Monitors total voltage, voltages of individual cells, minimum and maximum cell voltage​​
Monitors environmental temperatures, temperature of cells and BMS PCB
State of charge indication
Current monitoring
CANBUS 24/48V 8S/16S 200A lithium iron phosphate smart monitoring management system

CANBUS communication
BMS can support up to 16 units in parallel operation.
RS485 communication (RS485 can be customised)

Protective Features

Passive equalization
Over voltage protection ​
Capacity protection
Pre-charging function
Under voltage protection
Charge, discharge and ambient temperature protection
Charge and discharge over current protection
Charge current limitation
Short circuit protection

Also includes
Heating function
External switch

The CANBUS communication board supports the following brands of inverters, the BMS has built-in CANBUS protocol of matching inverter brand, which can be automatically matched or manually switched:

The default is the Pylontech CANBUS protocol, other supported protocols include;

  • Goodwe
  • Growatt
  • Victron
  • Sofar
  • Deye
  • Sermatec
  • Renac
  • Solis
  • SMA
  • Foxess
  • ​IMEON

The default is Pylontech RS485 protocol. RS485 protocol also includes;

  • Voitronic
  • Phocos
  • Growatt

BMS Technical Specifications



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