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Seat Base Lithium Leisure Battery - Fogstar Drift 12v 230Ah


Despatch and delivery is 1-3 days (from order placement) with our dedicated Hazchem shipping partner. Our team will be in touch, shortly after you've placed your order to arrange a suitable day and time for delivery.

If you're looking for a more compact option to power your campervan, look no further than the Seat Base 12.8v 230Ah Lithium Leisure Battery. This genius Seat Base battery is designed to fit snugly under the base of your swivel seat – convenient and space-saving.

The dimensions of our Drift Seat Base is 275 x 315 x 187.5 - making it one of the most compact variations of Seat Base Lithium Leisure Battery on the UK market.

Manufactured using
Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Lithium cells, high discharge JBD BMS, built in Bluetooth and Heating - our Lithium Leisure Battery collection offers everything you’d expect in a premium product.

All batteries come with our Fogstar Drift App, enabling you to access real-time data about your Lithium Leisure Battery at all times. The Fogstar Drift app is free to download on both Android and iOS.

The most popular Lithium battery brand on the UK market, our Drift range offers phenomenal cycle life (>3500 cycles), low environmental impact, Bluetooth - and a superb 10 year warranty.

You'll now find an on/off switch which allows you to put the battery in hibernation mode without connecting to the App.

You will also find an input for the new Fogstar Drift (JK) 2A Active Balancer which you can plug-into your battery (if required). 

However, because our Drift batteries contain matched and balanced Grade A EVE cells, you should not have to use an Active Balancer often, if at all. We recommend plugging the device in every three to six months, for two to three cycles (depending upon levels of cell disparity - if any). 

Want to learn more about Fogstar Drift Leisure Batteries? Check out our blog and find out how our Worcestershire-based team went about creating the UK's best value LiFePO4 Leisure Battery brand.


  • Nominal Capacity 230Ah
  • Nominal Voltage 12V
  • Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4V
  • Max Cont. Discharge 200A
  • Dimensions 275 x 187.5 x 315
  • Weight 25Kg
  • Fogstar Drift terminals: M8 in size, 1.25 pitch, 12mm. All of our Drift leisure batteries come with M8 bolts and terminal posts as standard.
  • Ideal for use with Inverters up to 2500W.


  • Fogstar offers a 10 year warranty on all Fogstar Drift Leisure batteries.
  • Warranties only apply to the original owner and are non-transferrable.
  • Fogstar will verify your purchase prior to processing any warranty claims or returns.
  • If it is determined that the product is faulty, we will ship a new product to you immediately, you will only be asked to cover the cost of the shipping.
  • Our warranty does not cover items that have been damaged due to gross negligence, normal wear and tear, damage due to accident or collision, abuse or incorrect installation.


  • Do not disassemble your battery.
  • Do not short the battery.
  • Do not store your batteries in direct sunlight. 
  • Keep batteries away from flammable objects and materials.
  • Keep batteries away from static electric charges.
  • Keep out of reach from animals and children.
  • Do not immerse your battery in water.
  • Do not crush, incinerate or modify your battery.
  • Only use batteries within the manufacturers specifications.
  • Recycle your batteries correctly.
  • Always read the manufacturer instruction manual before using.


Our products adhere to the strictest safety, health and environmental requirements. Click here to read all about the safety measures we take, and view our conformity certifications for the Drift products.

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