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Gyrfalcon All-88

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The Gyrfalcon All-88 is considered to be one of the best high-end chargers currently available. This charger can charge 8 cells at a maximum of 1A simultaneously.

One of the few chargers that has adequate space between each bays to fit 8 x 26650, 21700 or 20700.

Warning - If charging 4.2v Li-ion cells - 4.2v must be selected.

● Compatible with Li-ion, Ni-MH, NiCd and LiFePO4 batteries
● Capable of charging different types and sizes of batteries at different current simultaneously
● Each of the slots monitors, displays and charges independently
● LCD and LED display charging parameters and progress
● Optional charging voltage and current
Optional charging voltage: Ni-MH 1.5V, LiFePO4 3.6V, Li-ion 4.2V / 4.3V / 4.35V
Optional charging current: 0.1A / 0.25A / 0.5A / 1A
●Have automatic mode and manual mode:
Automatic mode ( Ni-MH 1.5V and Li-ion 4.2V ), it can automatically start and terminate charging
Manual mode ( Ni-MH 1.5V, LiFePO4 3.6V, Li-ion 4.2V / 4.3V / 4.35V )
3 kinds of charging modes: 8 slots operation, copy operation, single slot operation
● Accurate voltage cut off and termination current to avoid over-voltage and over-current
● Reversed polarity / over-charge / over-voltage / over-current protection
● Bays wide enough to fit 8pcs 26650 batteries, longer slots to handle 18 - 72mm length
● Made of durable fire-retardant ABS material, durable and safe


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