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Fogstar Energy 15kWh 48V Rack Battery Bundle



You only need a 10% deposit to reserve your 15kWh Rack Battery Bundle. We'll contact you to settle the remaining balance before shipping the battery to you.

We expect our shipment of Fogstar Energy Racks to arrive on May 30th. Once they arrive, our team will contact you to arrange delivery.

Store and manage your energy efficiently. The Fogstar Energy 15kWh Rack Battery Bundle provides a reliable, user-friendly solution for residential energy storage.

Built to Last

  • 15kWh Capacity: Store enough energy to power your home through outages or peak demand periods.
  • Three (3) SR51.2V Server Rack Batteries: Each battery is meticulously designed and packed with premium components including Grade A EVE cells and a PACE BMS.
  • UK-Designed Heating System: Efficiently charges even in cold environments thanks to the in-built heating system.
  • 8-Year Warranty: We stand behind the quality and performance of our products.

Unmatched Versatility and Control

  • Pre-loaded Inverter Protocols: Seamless integration with leading inverter brands (Victron, Pylontech, Growatt, Solis, Sofar, Goodwe).
  • 4.3" TFT LCD Touchscreen: Monitor your system status in detail with a user-friendly interface. You can also use your touchscreen to change your inverter protocol.
  • 10-15 Year Lifecycle: Expect long-lasting performance from our superior design.
  • 16 Grade A EVE Cells: Industry-leading EVE cell technology delivers exceptional life (4000 cycles @ 80% DOD).

Effortless Installation and Scalability

  • Integrated High-Quality Busbars: Our cabinets feature thick nickel-plated copper busbars for simple and reliable parallel battery connection.
  • Vented Design and Cable Management: Vented front panels ensure airflow, while unique circular cut-out cable access points (top and bottom) allow for clean and easy cable routing.
  • Scalable for Future Needs: Up to 15 units can be connected in parallel for increased storage capacity (Series connection not supported).
  • Compact Cabinet Design: This bundle includes the Fogstar ESR51.2V Energy Storage Cabinet in a 3 Rack configuration, perfect for homes with limited space.
  • Optional 6-cabinet 3 battery bundle: Looking to upgrade your system in the future? Select a 6-rack cabinet and 3-battery bundle instead.
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 600 x 625 x 675mm

Manufacturer: Fogstar Energy
Model: ESR51.2V 5.12KWH
EVE Cell Model: LF100LA
Cell Assembly: 16S1P
Cycle Life: 4000 Cycles at 1C to 80%. (After 4000 cycles, you will still have a battery that can deliver 80% of the stated capacity) 5.12Kwh is fully useable.
Maximum Discharge: 100A per unit (300A for a 15kWh system)
Balance Current: 0.5A
Capacity: 100Ah
Weight: 45.2kg
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Rack Unit Size: 3.5U
Size: 155mm x 450mm x 440mm
Pre-loaded Inverter Protocols: Victron, Sofar, Pylontech, Growatt, Solis, Goodwe.

  • Fogstar ESR51.2V 5.12KWH Rack Battery (x3)
  • Fogstar ESR51.2V Battery 3 or 6 Rack Cabinet  (x1)
  • PC communication cable RS232 to USB (x1)
  • Battery to Battery (B2B) communication cable (RS485 to RS485) (x3)
  • Positive 'dual' 8AWG cables (x6)
  • Negative 'dual' 8AWG cables (x6)
  • M6 threaded screws, bolts and washers for securing Racks to Cabinets (x18)