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Drift PRO Active Balancer 2A (4S)

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The Fogstar Drift PRO Active Balancer (4S) intelligently redistributes the current from cells with a higher State of Charge (SOC) to those with lower levels, creating an even balance.

For our Drift PRO 280Ah, Drift PRO 300Ah and Drift Seat Base, we've opted for an external Jikong (JK) Active Balancer, a plug-in device rather than a built-in feature. This solution allows you to use the Active Balancer as needed, giving you complete flexibility without the constant power drain often experienced with Active Balancers.

The use of an Active Balancer may not be a frequent requirement, if at all. We suggest plugging in the device every three to six months for two to three cycles, depending on the degree of cell disparity. After a quick check, you might discover that your battery is already well-balanced and doesn't need any current redistribution. In such situations, there's no need to use the balancer.

Model JK- DZ13-B2A4S
Balance Current 0.1 - 2A
Accuracy 3mV
String 4S
Voltage 8 - 20v

The Drift PRO Active Balancer is not designed to work with the standard Drift models - this product can only be used with the Drift PRO and Drift Seat Base.