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Drift PRO 12V 460Ah LiFePO4 Leisure Battery


Despatch and delivery is 1-3 days (from order placement) with our dedicated Hazchem shipping partner. Our team will be in touch, shortly after you've placed your order to arrange a suitable day and time for delivery.

A new era of high-tech leisure batteries.

Introducing the Drift Pro 12V 460Ah LiFePO4 Leisure Battery, designed by our multi-award winning team here at Fogstar.

  • Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Cells
  • 300A JBD BMS
  • Plug and play Victron integration
  • RS485 and CAN comms ports
  • 2A JK/Drift Pro Active Balancer
  • Metal case
  • Heating
  • Bluetooth
  • Connect up to 4 units in series or parallel
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • All products shipped with M10 Bolts.

Manufactured using the highest quality Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Cells

Our 12v 460Ah Drift Pro provides 4500 cycles at 80% DOD thanks to the EVE LF230K LiFePO4 cells.

Ideal for use with Inverters up to 3500W, all thanks to our powerful and specially customised 300A JBD BMS.
The 12v 460Ah Drift Pro contains a whopping 5888Wh of pure power, the perfect solution for off-grid adventures.

RS485 and CAN comms ports allow for simple integration with data comms, inverters and on-board gadgets.

All Fogstar Drift batteries come with heating allowing you to charge your LiFePO4 battery in temperatures of -20°c.
As a Fogstar customer, you'll be able to use our Bluetooth Fogstar Drift App for real-time information containing all of your battery statistics.
We've featured a removable 2A JK Active Balancer in our Drift Pro range. We recommend plugging the device in every three to six months, for two to three cycles (depending upon levels of cell disparity - if any). All batteries come with a FREE JK/Fogstar Drift Active Balancer.
Using a Cerbo GX? Simply plug and go using the CAN comms port.
We offer a superb 10 year warranty on our Drift products - yes, we're that confident in our product. You can find out more about our warranty, and register your product here.

The creation of the Drift Pro is all part of our quest to make Lithium affordable. You can read more about the development of our latest leisure battery here.

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