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Current Fogstar Warehouse Status
Firstly, we'd like to wish all our customers safe passage through this pandemic - we hope you and your families are well.
As a small team, we are extremely lucky to have a large warehouse that we can all maintain social distancing measures. Additional safety procedures have been put in place, and we are happy that we can move forward without risk to our staff or customers. We are still managing to ship out orders on time 99% of the time, however we may struggle with 1% of the orders placed extremely near the Royal Mail or DPD collection times (15:00). On the odd occasion we don't manage to get your order out, it will be sent the next working day. However, this is an extremely rare occurrence. 
Where is my order?
Couriers are experiencing extremely high demand, that goes for both deliveries and supplies reaching us, and your order reaching you. Please understand that once your parcel leaves our premises we have no control over how long it will take to arrive. Most parcels have been arriving next day (1st class) , others have taken ten days or more to arrive (2nd Class) . Sadly it seems to be a bit of a lottery at the moment. During this difficult time, we must advise our customers to allow 14 full working days for their parcels to arrive, it is highly unlikely it will take this long, but this is the length of time we must wait before Royal Mail will consider your parcel lost. After 14 working days have passed, if your order still has not arrived, we will of course ship you out a replacement, no quibbles. We have yet to have a parcel go missing since the start of this outbreak, if your parcel is later than usual please don't panic. Be patient, we understand it's frustrating - we are all in the same boat.
If you are in a rush for your order, and wish to have full tracking - we strongly recommend you order with DPD. We have lowered the price for this service to below cost.
Do you have a tracking number?
If you ordered with Royal Mail:
We do not have tracking numbers for your orders. We have confirmation of delivery numbers. These numbers act as proof of delivery and provide no information regarding delivery windows, date due to arrive etc. It's simply confirmation of delivery with the GPS location of where the item was delivered. Please do not email us asking for tracking updates, we unfortunately have no more information than you guys do. If 14 working days have passed since we shipped your order and it's not arrived, drop us a email via the contact us page and we'll be more than happy to get you a replacement shipped out immediately. 
If you ordered with DPD:
Full tracking numbers are sent via DPD when your order is booked in.