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21700 Batteries

Our range of 21700 batteries come direct from some of the world’s most trustworthy brands such as Molicel and Samsung. All of our 21700 rechargeable batteries are batch-tested and fully authenticated, so you can rest assured they are obtained from a legitimate source.

21700 batteries measure 21mm x 70mm in diameter and carry a considerably larger capacity than 18650 batteries. Our most popular 21700 battery here at Fogstar is the Molicel P42A with a capacity of 4200mAh. You’ll also find our 21700 batteries available in both flat-top and button-top varieties. 

Not sure what type of 21700 battery you require? Feel free to contact our team of experts and we’ll help you out. Before using your 21700 rechargeable batteries, please read our 18650 Battery Safety Guide to keep yourself and your electronics safe at all times.