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To boldly go where no Rack has gone before…

To boldly go where no Rack has gone before…

"There's no such thing as the unknown - only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood."  Captain Kirk's words ring true, particularly when it comes to the world of Server Rack Batteries - up until now.

The existing cosmos of rack batteries is a perpetual hub of confusion, high prices and downright unreliable products. It's about time someone stepped in and did something about it. Thankfully, we have.

The Fogstar Server Rack Battery really IS our technical magnum opus and we’re incredibly proud of it.

We’ve been on a LONG journey here at Fogstar to create the ideal Server Rack Battery. Much like our quest into leisure batteries we’ve removed the esoteric nonsense, made the pricing realistic and totally revolutionised the product. Here’s our story.

Designing the Fogstar 48V Server Rack Battery

When you start your Googling expedition into Server Rack Batteries, we’re sure you’ll be pretty unenthused. Up until now LiFePO4 Rack products haven’t exactly been packed full of features. Plain black unbranded boxes, undisclosed cells and extremely high prices - not to mention the use of minimal cell set-up in some of the most prolific brands on the market (tut tut).

We saw a real gap in the market to not only improve on the critical features of the battery, like adding 16 branded LF100LA EVE cells, implementing a Gold Standard PACE BMS and a multiple inverter protocol set-up; we also wanted to include features that UK and European homeowners would really find useful. 

This research takes time - so when I say we’ve been on a journey, we might as well have been to Delta Quadrant and back. 

We set about discussing design options amongst ourselves at Fogstar HQ. There were many discussions (arguments) - do we use a 3U or 3.5U size rack? Do we make the EVE cells smaller or bigger? Which BMS do we use? Which inverter protocols do we support?

This wasn’t a straightforward process.

The primary decision to use a 3.5U size (450(W) x160(H) x 440(L) mm) was so we could fit the 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 125 Amp DC Breaker and 16 cells (not 15…) perfectly within the unit. Having a large, colour touchscreen and decent amperage DC Breaker was a critical part of what we were trying to achieve. Safety and functionality was the name of the game for us. There have been horror stories in the industry - we know. The DC Breaker provides the reassurance users need especially in crucial situations and we hope this addition goes some way to providing that for customers.

As with all of our LiFePO4 products (such as the Drift range) we’ve included heating so keeping the units in garages or outhouses in the winter won’t be an issue. Whilst you can safely discharge LiFePO4 cells to -20°c, charging them under freezing conditions can really damage your cells - the heating pads can help negate any impact the cold weather conditions will have on your unit.

The pre-loaded inverter protocols provide out of the box support for the two biggest players Victron and Pylontech- but there are quite a few others too. It is crucial to note however, that inverter integration is not required for our server rack batteries to function, if you’re not quite sure yet - it’s not a deal breaker!

15kWh and 30kWh Rack Battery Cabinets

That’s right, we’ve even designed our own Fogstar Server Rack Cabinets (cue Ben and Bec desperately trying to download CAD Software).

Again, we understand the frustrations of wiring up the units, switching and tidying cables, adding capacity over time and enabling breathable space around the units via front panelling. We’ve done our research. 

We’ve also offered two variants of buildable capacity;15kWh and 30kWh. We do a double take now at the 30kW unit - it’s enough to power the whole Enterprise (if you’ve never watched Star Trek this whole blog will be lost on you).

Server Rack Battery for just £245 per kWh

In true Fogstar style, working directly with core manufacturers such as EVE and PACE allows us to gain competitive market rates when it comes to pricing - thus enabling us to pass this pricing directly onto customers. You’ll find our Server Rack Battery one of the most competitive prices on the UK and European markets at just £245 per kWh

Customers ask all the time why our products are so “cheap”. We’re not cheap - it’s just that others are very expensive.

So there we have it, our Fogstar Server Rack Battery.

For you, there’s no more substandard Rack Battery options on the market. No more overpaying for racks filled with poor quality cells and components. No more screaming, Damn it, Jim!. Not anymore. 

We have Hyperdrive, Captain!

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