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Molicel P30B - the ULTIMATE 18650 battery

Molicel P30B - the ULTIMATE 18650 battery

Have you heard about the new P30B 18650 - the trailblazer of ultra-high power cells? Its mind-blowing power-to-energy ratio, never seen before in 18650 format, certainly makes it stand out from the crowd.

Combining 3.0Ah for 100W discharge with a lightning-fast 3C charge power, this cell is nothing short of exceptional. 

Remember the ground-breaking achievements of the 21700 low-impedance power cell the P45B? Well, the baton has been passed, and we're pleased to introduce the first low-impedance model of the new-generation Molicel 18650 range. With numerous significant enhancements over its predecessor (the P28A) this version is stepping up the game in 18650 cells.

What makes this power cell really turn heads is its full-range fast charging rate, hiked up impressively from 2C to 3C. It isn't just about charging at high speed, but also delivering high-power output. The P30B can operate at peak continuous cycling, confidently dissipating a high current up to 36A.

It flexes its efficiency muscles with a whopping 60% reduction in DCR when compared to the P28A, resulting in elevated overall efficiency and performance.

It doesn't stop there! It also packs a punch with an increased high-power discharge capability from 80W to 100W – an uplift of 20%.

After 500 cycles of 100W discharge, you may expect some slacking in other 18650's, but not from P30B - it impressively retains up to 75% of its initial runtime. 

This power cell is more than just a high performer. Scoping out the premium segment in various applications, it's all set to make waves in motorsports, micro-mobility (like e-skateboards and e-surfboards), heavy lift drones, and more. The P30B truly is the ultimate 18650 battery that you've been waiting for! 

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