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Would You Like to Purchase an Xtar MC6 Battery Charger?

Are you looking for an Xtar MC6 battery charger? Then you have come to the right place, as we here at Fogstar can be sure to provide you with the products you need in order for you to have a fully functional e-cigarette that you can rely on for years to come. We have a large selection of products available from battery chargers, individual batteries, PVC wraps and a variety of other accessories from well-known brands including Samsung, LG, Xtar as well as Fogstar’s own items, so you can be confident in knowing that you will be able to find everything you could possibly need and more.

Who is Fogstar?

We are a team of passionate suppliers who have been able to deliver perfection to every customer that comes our way from beginning to end, which has helped us to gain many loyal and repeat customers over the years. Since 2015, when we were first established, our main aim has been to offer high-end e-cig products at the most competitive pieces, making us an unrivaled business in the current market. When it comes to our wide range of battery chargers, we have many products that vary in size with bays fitting from one, up to eight batteries for simultaneous charging and monitoring. This includes the Xtar MC6, which has become extremely popular throughout our site due to the fact that is one of the most reliable and highly efficient products in regards to battery charging.

Why should you own a Xtar battery charger?

Here at Fogstar, we believe that owning a battery charger provides convenience for your e-cigarette use whilst also saving you both time and money. This is because you won’t be needing to purchase thousands of packets of batteries every time your appliance runs low, all you will need is a few rechargeable batteries and simply place them within their charger once your system powers down. The Xtar MC6 in particular is a six-bay charger holding product from the leading brand which is known for manufacturing high-quality items that are second to none. With great care and attention to detail put in each product, you can be confident in knowing that you are investing in a worthwhile charger that will remain effective and provide smooth operation for battery charging, all throughout the year. 

Xtar released their first battery chargers in 2010 and have gone on to develop their methods and products with cutting edge technology, allowing them to manufacture each charger to the highest standards possible, The Xtar MC6 offers all of the benefits of the MC series and is an affordable charger that comes compatible with various batteries including 18350, 18650, 20700 as well as 21700, 20650 and 26650 Li-Ion batteries along with IMR, INR, ICR and NCR batteries for extreme versatility. This specific charger can charge three batteries at 1A with four batteries at 0.5A and the remaining two at 0.2A in this particular configuration which charges them all together whilst providing a real-time charging status for each slot.

With the Xtar MC6, you will receive a full package including the charger itself, a UK plug adapter as well as an Xtar warranty card. Additionally, you will obtain a Micro-USB and a DC port on the charger which is compatible with USB directors, power banks and solar panels, so you won’t have to worry about your batteries running low whilst you are travelling. The charger also comes with a variety of safety features including overcharge protection, which allows the charger to automatically stop once all of the batteries are fully charged. It also provides thermal control to prevent the product from overheating when it is in use with fireproof ABS casing, so you can trust that your charger will remain safe and secure at all times. 

Would you like to buy a Xtar MC6 battery charger? Feel free to browse through our online store to find the perfect product according to your requirements, we can be sure to assist you with anything you need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our team will be in touch shortly to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any further information. 

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