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Vapecell 26650

Struggling to find a real Vapecell 26650 battery? Have you considered Fogstar? Since 2015, we have been one of the UK’s leading companies for certified tested cells and battery chargers. Not only do sell individual products, but we also operate a wholesale service so that businesses and commercial clients can purchase large quantities of stock for competitive prices. To remain updated on the latest offers, product releases and news, be sure to sign up to our newsletter on our homepage today.

As a registered member of the Exocell database, we have frequently demonstrated our ability to perform batch test reports on various batteries that we supply. As a result, we hold records of these reports which we can be presented to customers upon request, enabling them to gain a better perception of the quality of the products on the market before purchasing. Thanks to this understanding, we are fortunate enough to call ourselves as sub-distributors of Xtar Chargers and the European distributor of Molicel.

The Vapecell 26650 is no different to this. As the cell is supplied originally from China, we will perform our tests so that we can be reassured that the battery is up to our ideal credentials. During this phase, we will coat the cell with a PET sleeve so that it’s protected, as well as including an accurate power rating so that all users are aware of the specifications of the cell. If you require additional information about the Vapecell 26650, then we highly recommend visiting our website when you have the chance.

In addition to the main Vapecell 26650 cells, we have a wide variety of accessories that have been specifically designed to accompany the battery. This includes additional PVC wraps and duel cases to store your spare cells. That being said, we highly recommend purchasing one of our tested and approved battery chargers. This is because each battery has a specific charger that should be used in order to not over-power each cell, so by getting in touch with our team, we can find the most suitable charger possible.

In order to purchase one of our Vapecell 26650 batteries, simply head over to the Fogstar website and order with us today. If you have any questions regarding a specific product, please don’t hesitate to call 01527 757980 to speak to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, we are also available via email at Simply include your query and contact information and we will reply at the earliest convenience.

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