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Nitecore New I2 Universal Dual Battery Charger

Welcome to Fogstar, leading supplier for Nitecore’s new i2 universal dual battery charger. As a business, we are dedicated to researching, obtaining and supplying a range of batteries, battery chargers, AMP calculators and other related accessories. Unlike our competitors, we are dedicated to ensuring all compliances and regulations have been met, as well as guaranteeing all products are safe to use. This is also why we perform batch test reports, which can be located upon getting in touch with our team.   

Like it’s the previous edition, Nitecore’s new i2 universal dual battery charger is an ideal example of a battery charger that has been designed to perfection. Thanks to its dual individual charging allocations, the charger is able to charge and monitor two batteries simultaneously whilst making sure that they aren’t overcharging or overheating. Whatmore, the new i2 has an increase in safety features implemented, with a few of the most notable aspects including being designed for optimal heat dissipation leading to the product being certified by RoHS, CE, FCC, CEC and KC.

If you are taking a look at our battery chargers, then you could benefit from looking at our range of rechargeable batteries. We have a range of Li-ion batteries from leading manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Sony, as well as our very own assortment of Fogstar batteries. Since our establishment, we have made sure that all the batteries we supply are in compliance with the UK and EU regulations, hence why all of our batteries are clearly imprinted with the required details.

Seeing as our whole operation is based online, we have made sure to focus our attention towards developing a first-class website. A few key aspects including making the website fast and easy to navigate, as well as enabling the option for creating your own account so that you can easily see orders, leave items in a basket and create wish lists for future reference. When it comes to the products, we have made sure to include a wealth of images and information so that you are well informed about the items you are looking at.

If you are still searching for Nitecore’s new i2 universal dual battery charger, be sure to head over to the Fogstar website today. That being said, if you have any questions for our team about this charger or any other of our products, please don’t hesitate to call +44 01527 757980 to speak to our friendly customer service team. Alternatively, we are also available to email at, though be sure to include your contact details so we can reply at the earliest convenience.
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