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Are You Searching for a Vape Battery Charger?

Have you been looking into using rechargeable batteries for your vape and you’re interested in purchasing a vape battery charger? Thankfully, Fogstar can assist you with both rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, so please feel free to visit our website today. We are specialists in this industry and you can trust any products that you purchase from our site. 

Since being founded back in 2015, Fogstar have been providing batch tested and accurately rated cells to both consumers and businesses. We have gone on to pioneer the battery retail world and our products are exemplary. You can trust that at Fogstar, we have safety at the forefront of our business, so you can always confidently turn to us knowing that you are getting exactly what you order and nothing less.

When choosing your first vape battery charger, we a selection of entry-level chargers that are perfect for people who are looking for a simple yet effective and affordable solution. Take our Xtar MC2 vape battery charger, for example, this is a brilliant charger for anyone who is starting to use rechargeable batteries. It has 2 independent charging bays and is capable of charging 2 cells at 0.5A, and is compatible with a range of different batteries including, IMR, INR, ICR, NCR and button/flat batteries. This charger is so simple to use and isn’t as complex as some of the others may seem to new users, you can confidently charger your batteries without any confusion. When purchasing the Xtar MC2 from Fogstar you will receive an MC2 charger, micro USB cable and also an Xtar warranty card for added peace of mind. 

Of course, Fogstar has a range of other vape battery chargers on their site too so, if you require more bays then this isn’t an issue. You will be able to find the same easy to use charger with 4 bays too which is usually plenty of room for regular vape users. Remember, you don’t have to use all of the bays when using the charger so, if you think you will need to charge more than 2 batteries some of the time then, they 4 bay charger may be a better option for you. 

If you have any questions at all about the vape battery chargers on the Fogstar website, please don’t hesitate to contact their experienced team who will be able to assist you further. You can either email them directly at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible or, you can contact them via the blue help button at the bottom right of their website. Either way, someone will gladly help. 

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