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18650 Battery and Charger UK

Have you been looking for a website to purchase your 18650 battery and charger in the UK for your e-cigarette? Welcome to Fogstar, we are an industry-leading company providing a wide range of customers a variety of batteries and chargers. Since our launch, we have pioneered the way in how a battery retail company should operate and with safety at the forefront of our business, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you order and nothing less.

Some of the items most frequently purchased from us are a 18650 battery and charger in the UK. The 18650 is the most common battery for vapes and we have many different manufacturers to choose from when purchasing this battery from us. A few of these big named brands are LG, Sony, Samsung and of course our own Fogstar batteries. You can always rely on the 18650 batteries we sell to be the highest-quality and made to last. We would never supply batteries that we would be unhappy to use ourselves. 

When purchasing your 18650 batteries from us we would always recommend that you purchase a charger as well. One of the best things about having external rechargeable batteries is that you can always carry a spare and simply replace the battery when needed. You will never have to wait around for your vape to charge again. When purchasing your 18650 battery and charger in the UK with us you always have a large range to choose from as luckily the 18650 battery is compatible with almost all of the chargers we stock. Whether you’re looking for a small battery charger that you can keep at work or a larger charger so that you can charge your spare batteries in bulk we are the website you need. Our most commonly purchased battery chargers are our 4-bay chargers. All of our 4-bay battery chargers will work for your 18650 battery. 

Whichever 18650 battery and charger in the UK you choose to purchase we always recommend that you ensure you know how to use them correctly. Safety is incredibly important to us as a company and we want all of our customers to use the products we sell correctly. For example, you should never leave your 18650 charger unattended overnight and never in direct sunlight. You shouldn’t use it to store you batteries, as soon as they are finished you should remove them from the device to prevent overheating. 

To find out more about the 18650 battery and charger in the UK that you are interested in head over to our website. You will be able to find out more information on all of our products including customer reviews of the products so you can see what real people have to say about them. If you require our professional opinion regarding which items you should purchase please click the blue help button on the bottom right of your screen and we will be able to assist you further. 

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