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Nitecore Battery Charger

Struggling to find a reliable Nitecore battery charger? Have you considered the Fogstar website? We are one of the UK’s highest-rated sources for batch tested cells and chargers, where we have made sure to assemble a high-class collection of products from leading brands and manufacturers. In addition to our products, we have received continuous praise for our first-class customer service, enabling us to obtain the glowing reputation that we are recognised for today. To speak to our team about your own needs, please give us a call today.

If you are searching for a battery Nitecore battery charger, you will be pleased to know we have a wide selection available covering various power conditions and battery sizes. The Nitecore D4 is an example of one of the best battery chargers possible due to its capabilities to charge 4 batteries simultaneously whilst implementing four different slot monitors so that each battery will charge independently. In addition to this, the charger is equipped with a wealth of safety features to ensure the safety and protection for the battery and main power supply.

As a business, health and safety is one of the most important factors that we consider in determining the products we sell. Our specialist team will test each charger beforehand to ensure that it meets our specific criteria set by us, as well as being in full compliance with the various regulations set by the UK and EU market. As a member of the Exocell database, we have test reports on all of our products, which we are more than happy to show to our clients before they order with us.

As we have a wealth of customer traffic, we have made sure to make our website as modern and customer friendly as possible. Customers are welcome to create an account on our website, where they will have access to previous orders, place new orders and place items within a basket for later viewing. For aesthetic reasons, our team has worked hard to create and upload high-class photos so that you can gain a better view and perception of our Nitecore battery chargers.

To obtain your very own Nitecore battery charger, simply head over to our website and order today. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific product, feel free to send an email to, where you can expect a reply within a single working day. For general enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01527 757980, where our team will be happy to help.
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