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Best 18650 Battery For Vaping

Are you looking for the best 18650 battery for vaping? Here at Fogstar we have a wide range of batteries from numerous different manufacturers to choose from. We offer a large variety of batch tested and accurately rated cells to all of our customers and we are sure that we will be able to provide you with the best 18650 battery for vaping. 

Along with our wide range of 18650 batteries we also stock 18350, 20650, 26650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. Whichever size you require we know that you will be happy with the selection we provide. We stock some of the biggest named manufacturers and can assure you that every product we supply is of the highest quality and made to last. 

When looking for the best 18650 battery for vaping you can choose from Molicel, Fogstar, Samsung, LG and Sony. All of our batteries currently have a five star rating from our customers who have tried and tested them. Our Molicel P26A is one of the most commonly purchased and is one of the best batteries we have ever tested, you can use this battery in the majority of vape devices. Their maximum discharge rate is 25A (Rated by Mooch) and we are sure these amazing batteries will help your vaping device live up to its full potential. The standard battery is only £5.99 and is a grey colour however if you would like a different pattern or image on your battery then we can custom it for you for a small extra charge. 

We custom your batteries with our own wraps which we developed over four years ago for our own branded batteries. We knew it was important to make wraps that were thick enough to protect the battery but still thin enough to ensure that they will still fit into all types of devices. Our team at Fogstar worked closely with a PET printing factory to develop our wide range of completely seamless wraps. You can view our whole range on our website and purchase them to cover any of your batteries. They are all covered by our fitment guarantee, if they don't fit in your device then we will refund you for the total cost. 

For more advice as to which is the best 18650 battery for vaping please get in touch with us today. Email us at and let us know what vape device you use and how frequently you use it. We will then be able to recommend the best battery for you in our opinion. 

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