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Are you Searching for an Xtar Rocket Vape Charger?

Are you attempting to source an Xtar Rocket? Do you want to ensure that your vaping device is charged and ready at all times, by using a market-leaders product? Why don’t you get in touch with us here at Fogstar, and see which device is perfect for you?

We understand that in the vaping world, there are connoisseurs that will always seek to own only the finest technology for their collection. For those that are seeking a charger that can not only charge two cells at once, but can also do so at 2A, allowing for a full charge on a 2500mAh battery in one and a half hours, you need look no further than Fogstar’s Xtar Rocket. With a fire-retardant casing that will ensure the highest safety standards for the users, and an in-built system to protect against overcharging, you can be sure that this device will perform admirably for you. If you would like to read a comprehensive breakdown of the charger, including a full compatibility list, we encourage you to check out it’s dedicated product page.

Although we here at Fogstar are well known for specialising in the supply of chargers, such as the Xtar Rocket, and products such as batteries, we are proud to be able to take care of a variety of vape-related needs. If, for example, you have a device that is being temperamental and want it to be seen to and, potentially, fixed, we have a repair centre for our members. For those people that are looking to obtain a large batch of cells; namely, a single order of over thirty, we have our own independent wholesale website that has fantastic prices for large bulk purchases - you can take a look for yourself here

When you purchase from Fogstar, you are dealing with a company that is committed to bringing you a first-class product in all areas of vaping. Whether you desire the finest device in rapid vape charging in the Xtar Rocket, or are wanting to re-package a damaged cell by using a bespoke 18650 PVC wrap, we want to ensure give you the optimum product. If you have any questions for us regarding the products that we stock, you can either send us an email at, or by filling in and submitting to us our website’s enquiry form, which can be found via the help bar on our contact page. In either instance, you can be rest assured that our brilliant team of customer service representatives will respond to you in a prompt and timely fashion. 

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