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SEPLOS Mason 280L and x16 Grade A EVE LF304 Battery Bundle

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Please note: The V2 and V3 Seplos Mason kits are not compatible

Our Seplos Mason battery bundle contains everything you will need to create a DIY 48V 15.5kWh battery. As part of this bundle you’ll receive a SEPLOS Mason 280L (vertical) kit and 16 Grade A LF304 EVE LiFePO4 cells with the SEPLOS Grade A Busbars.

There are two different types of BMS, the V2 (pre-December 2023) and V3 (post-December 2023). It's important to note; the V2 and V3 BMS are not compatible so you must select the correct BMS type for your set-up. If this is your first and only kit, you can select the V3 BMS.

This is the ideal DIY kit for home energy and solar battery storage.

Seplos Mason Kits are modular in design and can be paralleled should you wish to create additional units.

The kit includes a Seplos BMS (complete with Bluetooth) - which can be used to communicate with several inverters via CAN & RS485 such as Victron, Growatt, Sofar, Solis and more (a full list of inverter protocols can be found here).

Our LF304 Eve Prismatic cells are Grade A Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They have a lifespan of >3500 cycles and charge at 0.5C (0.05C termination current up to 3.65V) with discharge 1C (down to 2.5V).

Manufacturer: EVE
Grade: A
Model: LF304
Size: 204mm x 174mm x 72mm
Capacity: 304Ah
Weight: 5.49KG
Maximum Discharge: 304A (1C)
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Cycle Life: 3500 cycles @ 0.5C
Top: EVE Terminals.


The bundle includes:
16* Grade A EVE LF304 Cells
1* Battery Case (Bottom case, Top Bracket, Top cover)​
1 * 48V 200A 16S Seplos BMS
1 * 58V 400A Fuse
4 * Handle
2 * PCB Board for BMS and Cell Connection
3 * Upper and Lower Latch lock
1 * LCD Screen
1 * LCD Screen Sticker
4 * Button Cap
3 * Wires (LCD Screen wire, PCB board A and PCB board Connector)
2 * Battery Terminals (P+ Terminal and P- Terminal)

Other components included:
6 * Copper bus bars (BMS connection)
15 * Aluminium bus bars (cell connection)
10 * Epoxy sheet (between cell and the case)
26 * EVA Tape (between cells)
1 * PC sheet (top cover)

Screw details:
12 * Phillip Hex M4 * 8mm (PCB board fix)
9 * Phillip Hex M5 * 8mm + Washer + Spring Set (ground cable and top bracket fix)
7 * Phillip Hex M6 * 25mm + Washer + Spring Set (front Panel fix)
10 * Phillip Round M3 * 8mm + Washer + Spring Set (BMS and LCD Screen fix)
12 * Phillip Pan M5 * 10mm (latch fix)
16 * Hexagon Socket Pan M4 * 10mm (P+/P- Terminals fix)
42 * Hexagon Socket Countersunk M4 * 10mm (Handle and battery case)
4 * Phillip Hex M6 * 14mm + Washer + Spring Set (foot fix)
5 * Phillip Hex M8 * 10mm + Washer + Spring Set (P+/P- Bus bar fix)
8 * Phillip Round M5 * 10mm + Washer

What is not included in this kit that you will need:

Inverter Connection Cables
CAN or RS485 Communication Cables (often supplied with inverter)
Seplos RJ45 to USB Cable (to connect to PC for BMS software).