Nitecore UM4
Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

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Brand new from Nitecore. The 'UM' charger range. The UM4 is a 4-bay USB charger capable of charging 4 cells at 0.5A, 2 cells at 1A and 1 cell at 1.5A. Nitecore have an extremely large following due to their robustness and build quality, this charger is certainly no exception.


  • Manufacturer: Nitecore
  • Model: UM2
  • Charging Speed: 4*0.5A, 2*1A, 1*1.5A with 2A Plug (Available from Fogstar)
  • Connection: Single USB (Plug Available from Fogstar)
  • Functions: Adjustable Voltage, Adjustable Charge Speed, mAh (Capacity) Display.
  • Safety Functions: All chargers we feature on our website have the safety functions we deem necessary. These at a bare minimum are Over-Charge Protection, Temperature Protection & Reverse Polarity Detect and Protect
  • Battery Sizes Accepted : 18650,20650, 26650, 20700, 21700 (Full list in graphic below).

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