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Specification Sheets

When it comes to Lithium Batteries, quality is paramount. At Fogstar, we take pride in providing top-notch batteries, and accessories, that meet the highest standards.

On this page, you'll find all of our specification sheets, installation manuals, and product guides, ensuring that you have all the information you need for a seamless experience.

From technical specifications to safety guidelines, these sheets are your go-to resource when it comes to understanding our range of batteries and LiFePO4 accessories. 

12V 105Ah Fogstar Drift
12V 230Ah Fogstar Drift
12V 280Ah Fogstar Drift
12V 300Ah Fogstar Drift
12V 460Ah Fogstar Drift
12V 560Ah Fogstar Drift
24V 230Ah Fogstar Drift
24V 280Ah Fogstar Drift
Seat Base 12V 230Ah
Fogstar Drift User Manual
Fogstar Drift App iOS
Fogstar Drift App Android
Xiaoxiang BMS Android
Xiaoxiang BMS iOS

12V 230AH Drift PRO
12V 280AH Drift PRO
12V 300Ah Drift PRO
12V 460Ah Drift PRO
12v 560Ah Drift PRO
24V 280Ah Drift PRO
Drift PRO User Manual

12V 20A Specification Sheet
12V 30A Specification Sheet
12V 40A Specification Sheet
12V 50A Specification Sheet
24V 40A Specification Sheet

EVE 105Ah
EVE 230Ah
EVE 280Ah
EVE 304Ah
Envision 305Ah

Seplos Mason Product Sheet
Seplos Mason Installation Guide
Seplos V3 BMS Guide
Seplos Mason 280L Product Sheet
Seplos Mason 280L Installation Guide
Seplos APP Software

Fogstar SR51.2V Rack Battery Specifications
Fogstar SR51.2V Rack Quick Start Guide
Pbms Tools Download
Topband Rack Battery Specification Sheet
Topband Rack Battery Installation Manual
Topband Rack DIP Switch Configuration

JBD BMS for LiFePO4 16S 48V 200A
JBD BMS for LiFePO4 4S 12V 100A
JBD BMS for LiFePO4 4S 12V 150A
JBD BMS for LiFePO4  4S 12V 300A
JBD BMS for LiFePO4 (with inbuilt Bluetooth) 8-21S 200A
JBD 200A BMS LiFePO4 - UART/RS485/CAN/Relay
JK-B2A8S20P with Active Balancer 200A (4S-8S)
JK-B2A20S20P with Active Balancer 200A (8S-20S)
JK-PB2A16S-20P 200A with 2A Active Balancer
JK-PB2A16S-20P Wiring Diagram
JK BMS 4.3" Touchscreen
Seplos V3.0 BMS Specification Sheet
Seplos V3.0 BMS Active Balancer Specifications