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LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells Top Balancing Service

Top Balancing Eve prismatic cells is usually recommended to extend the usable capacity of your finished battery pack. When the cells are balanced, they discharge at the same rate.

If your prismatics are unbalanced, one of them may trigger the BMS to shut down the entire pack when it reaches a low voltage (usually. 2.5V), even when the other prismatics have energy left. 

How do we top balance cells?

Eve prismatics cells like to expand slightly when the voltage is high, this is perfectly normal. However, Eve recommend clamping the batteries to prevent them from expanding too much. This approach can also prolong the life of the cells. 

After clamping your batteries, we charge all the cells to 3.65V and balance them at this voltage. It's not good practice to leave cells for an extended period of time at full charge, and it may be some time before you use/build your finished battery, therefore we discharge your cells to 3.3/3.4V.

Your cells will arrive ready to connect to the Battery Management System (BMS) and for you to finish constructing the battery pack - no other balancing is required.

Why do we charge for this service? 

Due to the amount of energy within prismatic cells, it can take a couple of days to balance and discharge the cells. It also takes time for our team to monitor and continuously optimise the charging process - which certainly isn't a quick job. The amount we charge simply covers the electricity used and the time taken by our team.

Will this delay my order?

This may delay your order by a day or two depending on how many cells you order. We may have pre-balanced in stock in which case your order will be shipped straight away.