Molicel 20700A
Molicel 20700A

Molicel 20700A

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The Molicel 20700A has the highest amp rating of any 20700 cell that is currently readily available on the market

Due to our exclusive partnership with NPE & Moli Energy Corp - No third parties are involved in the sourcing of these cells. These cells are A grade and direct from the factory.  

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 20700
  • Positive Terminal: Flat Top
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Max. Discharge Rate: 30A (Rated by Mooch)
  • Pulse: We do not offer pulse ratings as there is currently no industry standard.
  • Manufacturer: Moli Energy Corp. (Supplied by NPE)
  • Model: 20700A

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